Spotlight Education and Theatre L’Homme Dieu Masterclasses

Spotlight Education and Theatre L’Homme Dieu pair up to create a unique collaboration for students in greater Minnesota. The new effort will actively engage students to ensure professional theater training in the Alexandria and surrounding areas. 

Upcoming Classes

Date: Wednesday, August 7

Time: 3-5 p.m.

Location: Theatre L’Homme Dieu, 1875 County Road 120, Alexandria, MN, 56308


  • Tips and tidbits from professional actors who audition all across the country – and lived to tell about it!

  • Preparing for an audition can be overwhelming. What do they want? What does it mean if they ask for a monologue? Is it better to be funny or dramatic? What is an open call? What does it mean if I have to make an appointment? What does it mean if they tell me to bring “my book?” What is a side and should I memorize it? Why do I get so nervous? Does it ever get easier?

  • Join professional working actors from the Twin Cities as they discuss the trials and tribulations of auditioning. In this business the most important part of your job is auditioning for the next one. This workshop will give you some great tips on what to expect and how to prepare.

  • This workshop is interactive. Feel free to bring a monologue to share.