The Church Basement Ladies in "Rise Up, O Men"

Sponsored By: Lake Region Eye Center

June 27-July 2


produced by troupe America

Sixth in the Church Basement Ladies series, Rise Up, O Men is a comedy with music featuring the men of the church and your favorite church basement ladies who serve them. As hard-working farmers discuss their scrap lumber piles and benefits of weld vs solder and the pastor collects jokes to spice up his sermon, they unintentionally disrupt the order of the kitchen. All of this is served up with sweet nostalgia for a ’60s far from that decade’s tumult, where the biggest crisis is falling off the jubilee float.

Inspired by the books of Janet Letnes Martin and Suzann Nelson, including the best seller Growing Up Lutheran

Written by Greta Grosch

Music by Dennis Curley

Lyrics by Dennis Curley, Greta Grosch, and Graydon Royce

Additional material by Graydon Royce